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our journey of faith

A child’s journey of faith starts at home. As parents, you are the first educators of your children, and by choosing to baptise your child you have made your intention clear that you wish to raise your child within the Catholic faith.  At Christ the King Catholic Primary School, we aim to work in close partnership with parents, strengthening links between home, school and parish, so that together we can enable the children to grow and flourish, whilst nurturing and encouraging their individual talents along the way.

Being a Catholic school, Christ is present in every aspect of our daily lives.  We expect all pupils to truly live out our mission statement,

 Learning, growing, praying together with Christ Our King. 


The gospel values underpin all of our policy and decision-making, and we expect it to be evident in the children's words and actions to one another.  To visitors who enter our school, you will be welcomed into an environment where an ethos of respect, humility, dignity, love and forgiveness are visible from all.


Through the RE curriculum and sacramental preparation, we guide our pupils on their journey of faith with support from Father Tom, Parish Priest.  Each year group follows the diocesan programme, 'Learning and growing as God's people'.  Children celebrate and participate in mass at church, take part in daily collective worship and weekly liturgical assemblies where the gospel of the previous Sunday is shared, explained. This helps to support the children in growing closer to God as they deepen their understanding of the teachings of Jesus.


In Year 3 children prepare to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation and Holy Communion, the Church works closely with parents during this time to reinforce the important role of parents within God’s family during these special celebrations.

Throughout Key Stage Two, pupils are supported and encouraged to become mature and responsible global citizens of the 21st Century. In their final year of Primary School, children prepare to become adults in the eyes of the church, by receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation. By accepting the Holy Spirit and renewing their baptismal promises, that were previously made for them, pupils develop an understanding and knowledge within them formed by the Catholic education they have experienced.

At Christ the King we are proud to nurture and celebrate the special God given gifts which make your child unique. We know that we can only do this by working in true partnership with parents.