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Here is the link to all of our fabulous Animaphonics songs.

Phonics Songs for Teachers | Anima Phonics - ANIMA PHONICS


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  • D-Day 80 years

    Published 05/06/24, by Mrs Taylor

    D-Day remembrance on Friday 7th June

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  • Lenten Charities

    Published 23/02/24, by Mrs Taylor

    Lenten charities 


    House Name

    House Colour

    Thursday 22 February   

    Our Lady of Fatima    


    Thursday 29 February

    Our Lady of Lourdes              


    Thursday 14 March       

    Our Lady of Knock   


    Wednesday  20 March   

    Our Lady of Walsingham


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  • Doodle Maths 5.2.24

    Published 05/02/24, by Mrs Taylor

    Have you logged in to Doodle Maths yet this week?

    You have new homework waiting for you.

    Try and do 5 minutes every night this week, you might win a certificate or even a Doodle date with Miss Riach.

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  • Prayer Area Design competition

    Published 01/02/24, by Mrs Taylor

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  • Our sounds for the week beginning 15.1.24

    Published 11/01/24, by Mrs Taylor

    Please enter an introduction for your blog post here.

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  • This week's sounds 8.1.24

    Published 11/01/24, by Mrs Taylor

    This week our sounds are:

    We have learnt our first trigraphs this week and we thought this was very exciting!

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  • This weeks sounds 4.12.23

    Published 03/12/23, by Mrs Taylor

    Here are our sounds for this week. Keep practising the sounds and actions at home.

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  • New sounds and actions to learn 23.11.23

    Published 23/11/23, by Mrs Taylor

    These are our new digraphs for this week and next week. Remember, 2 letters make one sound when we see a digraph.

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  • This week we will be learning our first digraph. 13.11.23

    Published 12/11/23, by Mrs Taylor

    This week we are learning our first digraphs-we say to the children that '2 letters make one sound' to help them remember what a digraph is.

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  • Half Term Phonics 27.10.23

    Published 27/10/23, by Mrs Taylor

    Today your child will have an Animaphonics book in their book bag.

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  • What are we learning in phonics next week? 23.10.23

    Published 20/10/23, by Mrs Taylor

    Here are the sounds and their actions for next week.

    Have a look at our rainbow words too. We have to learn these by sight as you can't decode them-they are tricky!

    This week our rainbow word is I

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  • What sounds will we be learning next week?

    Published 12/10/23, by Mrs Taylor

    Can you say the sound and do the action everyday?

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